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Assistant Superintendent

About the Role

This position will be required to assist the superintendent in all aspects of multi-million dollar construction projects including, without limitation the completion and conformance of the Work per construction documents, maintenance and administration of the construction schedule, coordination of subcontractors and vendors, conformance to design parameters, quality control, on-site safety, management of budget and subcontractor costs in relation to change orders, and subcontractor and community relations. A basic working knowledge and understanding with an eye towards furthering this knowledge of building codes. A willingness and ability to research, understand, and implement building codes per the project location. Willingness to communicate, coordinate, and resolve situations with the local authorities having jurisdiction at the project superintendent’s direction. Ability to review, understand, and assist the project manager and superintendent with the development of the project schedule and subcontractor scopes of work. There are times during the tenure of employment with the company that travel may be required including overnight travel. Ability to stand or walk for extended periods of time. Willingness to work outside in the elements to the extent that safety allows.

The Assistant Superintendent must have a working knowledge and be working toward being proficient in project (MP,P6) scheduling software applications. A working knowledge and be working toward being proficient in understanding the project scheduling process including predecessors to successor relationships, crew flow, and project sequencing. This position requires highly motivated individuals who are successful at working in a fast-paced environment with multiple active situations occurring simultaneously. The ability to remain calm under pressure and drive towards resolutions during a conflict is key. This position will require leadership and the ability to set and communicate expectations with the team and the subcontractors without condescension.

The Assistant Superintendent is expected to work alongside and take direction and critique from the Project Superintendent without rancor, low morale, lack of motivation, or hurt feelings. While this is a leadership position on the overall team, the Assistant Superintendent is expected to be willing to be coached and grow under the direction of the Project Superintendent, Project Manager, and Project Executive. The ability for the Assistant Superintendent to effectively communicate the project plan and needs to all parties on the jobsite without creating a hostile work environment is key for this position and our company. The Assistant Superintendent must be able to aid with identifying the critical path of the project and manage the project through on-time completion. A strong commitment to making the project turnover date is required.

Role Responsibilities 

The Assistant Superintendent must review, acknowledge, and a have willingness to conduct business in a manner that embodies this company’s core values as follows:

Faith: We are dependent on God and trust in Him in all our endeavors. Our faith is what we do, not just what we believe.

Love: We genuinely care for all people and their stories – where they come from and where they are headed.

Service: We serve each other, the community, and our clients.

Humility: We strive to be ideal team players not focusing on blame or credit.

Tenacity: We work with a focus on how we can get things done, not why we can’t.

Integrity: We strive to do the right thing – always.



  • To aid the Superintendent in project leadership and to establish and maintain effective and harmonious

  • working relationships of the on-site staff and to promote a positive project morale.

  • Coordinate tasks, sequences, and scheduling of work between trades as needed by the project schedule

  • and the needs of the project superintendent.

  • Physically review shop drawings and contract documents and verify in field conditions and lay-out to

  • confirm adherence to both. Willingness to actually pull out a tape measure and check dimensions, lay-out,

  • and conformance with drawings is a must.

  • Assist with ensuring a safe and clean jobsite and to monitor, document, and take action on safety

  • deficiencies onsite.

  • To assist the Superintendent and Project Manager in the development of the on-site daily procedures and

  • to manage each subcontractor to adhere to these daily procedures.

  • To plan and review the Construction Program with the Superintendent and Project Manager including

  • quality control procedures, safety and security practices, field office location and layout, temporary

  • utilities, staging areas, equipment and manpower.

  • To assist the Superintendent(s) and the technical coordinators, (project specific as required) with

  • inspecting the activities of the Subcontractors, Suppliers and company’s labor and material.

  • To assist in accurately reporting and recording the daily jobsite activities through daily, weekly, and

  • monthly reports and job photographs. Willingness to learn to fly a drone over the jobsite daily to aid in

  • site progress photographs.

  • To check Subcontractor work daily for compliance with contract documents and correct materials are

  • being installed. To verify dimensions of work comply with plans.

  • Monitor the critical path of the construction schedule. Communicate with subcontractors and vendors in a

  • timely manner to insure on-time critical path milestone completions.

  • To examine the contract drawings, specifications and addenda for design deficiencies, impractical details

  • and possible code violations, and to bring these to the attention of the Project Manager & Superintendent

  • who will review them with the Architect for resolution.

  • To coordinate, direct, monitor, and with the Superintendent(s) and the technical coordinators, (project

  • specific as required) to inspect the activities of the Subcontractors, Suppliers and company’s labor and

  • material.

  • To participate with Project Manager & Superintendent to conduct Subcontractor Pre-Construction

  • meeting to review scope of work, schedule, review and approval of submittals prior to beginning work.

  • Inspect Subcontractors first work and inspect his work periodically to confirm compliance with plans and

  • specifications and confirm materials comply with approved submittals.

  • To accurately report and record the daily jobsite activities through daily, weekly, and monthly reports and,

  • job photographs.

  • To receive and review the Subcontractors Daily Reports of work done and labor and material employed.

  • To review and approve, on a weekly basis, all as-built prints.

  • To review and approve the Subcontractor’s monthly requests for payment

  • To review and approve all time and material work vouchers and invoices

  • To assist with the generation, oversight, and management to completion of all subcontractor and

  • Contractor punch-list(s) and assist in the timely completion and assembly of all close out documents.

Pay & Benefits

Pay: $80,000.00 - $100,000.00 per year


  • 401(k)

  • 401(k) matching

  • Dental insurance

  • Health insurance

  • Paid time off

  • Vision insurance


Construction Experience: 3 years (Preferred)

About the Company

Southern Building Group has developed, constructed, and managed premier multi-family, commercial, student housing, and senior living communities, throughout the country. Southern Building Group's experience ranges from traditional garden-style apartments to multi-level urban infill projects.

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